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CEO, Founder
Commercial Analyst
Executive Director
Head of the Media Buyers
Senior Account Manager
SMM Manager
- 6 departments around the world
- 70+ specialists: realization team and qualification department
Settings targeted advertising for Facebook and Instagram
Creating and managing social media content (SMM)
Creation of photo and video content on the real estate objects themselves
Creating websites and landing pages
CRM implementation
Systematic work with the customer base
Our advertising campaigns have already attracted more than 10,000 high-quality leads from all over the world with a return on investment of 8-15 times. You will receive: real clients who are ready to buy real estate now through your agency. We attract only those clients who know their goals, have an accurate budget, and are ready to act quickly and in the shortest possible time!
We work with such platforms as: Facebook Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram. We organically increase the audience on your sites with the help of traffic, content marketing, photo and video content, and with the help of a content strategy we keep their attention, increase loyalty and trust in the brand, as a result: customers are warmed up and buy real estate through your agency
We create selling, working content — that's why we take over the organization of this process. We will prescribe in detail the Terms of Reference for the shooting, based on the developed content strategy. And you clearly know what to shoot, how and where — you just follow an understandable pattern. In 1-3 shots, you close the content issue for the whole month, which allows you to warm up your leads for purchase.
You will receive: well-designed landing pages with a good conversion rate. Up to 3 times higher. Where the traffic will be directed and where the requests will be generated.

When working with the site correctly, the conversion rate increases, while the cost of the lead decreases
We systematize your work with clients and create a transparent system of interaction. By implementing CRM, the chance of losing or merging transactions becomes 0%. You can track how your brokers communicate with clients and at what stage each order is
We manage and structure applications. We help you to interact with potential customers correctly and regularly through newsletters. The database stops being dead, you interact with all the clients who came to you during any period of work. As a result, it reduces the purchase price to $1.000-1.500in the context of 6-12 months
The main indicator of the result is money! We help you earn them
Contextual advertising
You will receive: The issuance of your website in the first positions in search engines and the strategy of advertising campaigns, which is aimed at obtaining qualified leads who have budgets for the purchase of real estate. If you work with contextual advertising correctly, you will receive qualified leads from $120
We manage and structure applications. We help you to interact with potential customers correctly and regularly through newsletters. The database stops being dead, you interact with all the clients who came to you during any period of work. As a result, it reduces the purchase price to $ 1 - 1.5 thousand in the context of 6-12 months
What stages does our work go through?
We identify the uniqueness of your agency
After receiving the results, we proceed to scaling
We are preparing an advertising campaign and launching it
We analyze the results, collect statistics, and see how the AC works
We develop a strategy based on your strengths. And we find solutions that ensure a regular influx of customers
When we have already found the perfect bundle, understood the lead price and the sale price, then we increase the turnover. We multiply our budgets by maintaining KPI, but we get 10 times more sales
We have already invested over $800,000 in customer launches and we know exactly what will really drive leads.
We receive feedback on leads and their quality. We make weekly team calls with you, record the results of last week and set plans for the next one. Thus, we achieve the necessary indicators for leads and sales as quickly as possible
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Why you should choose us
We work only with real estate
For 3 years, we have tested all advertising strategies, and identified those bundles that bring paying customers. Every month we unscrew $60,000-$80,000, and we know what's working right now. Therefore, your money will not be spent on endless tests, but will immediately go to work bundles
We focus on long-term work
We want our clients to be able to work with cold traffic, and not depend on a sundress, friends and relatives. If you know how to work with cold traffic, it means that you work in the market at any difficult moments. We arrange our work so that you can see payback every month, increase budgets and grow your agency based on numbers
Service and team
We are not just remote targeting specialists who set up ads. At least 4 specialists who are involved in your agency are working on the project. We become your marketing team, which works for you, holds meetings every week, receives feedback and improves performance
We evaluate the result of the deals that you have implemented from our traffic, analyze the payback of advertising and make sure that you receive deals that pay off advertising 8-18 times
We focus on long-term work
Cases of our clients
Made by:
Made by:
The client received:
The client received:
Deals in the amount of:
Average commission and revenue:
Average commission and revenue:
on investment
on investment
1.400 leads per $11 for $15.000
9.045 leads by $20 for $186.300
8 deals of $2.453.700
172 deals in 12 months
4% - $98.150
4% - $2.073.630
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